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Crossfit Kids HF

Hey team, 

We are excited to announce that we are starting CrossFit Kids back up now that the Christmas School holidays have just about ended. 

Starting the 2.2.15 running for 8 weeks which ends on 27.3.15 (8 week program)


New Class Times

Future: 4:30 - 5:15pm (9-12yrs) 
Teens: 5:15 - 6:00pm (13 +)

Lil Beasts: 4:00 - 4:30pm (5-8yrs) 
Futures: 4:30 - 5:15pm (9-12yrs)
Teens: 5:15 - 6:00pm (13yrs +) 

(Child must be turning that age this yr and can't be put up a class unless approved by a kids CF trainer.) 


Open Gym had to be moved back an hour to 3:30pm (till 4:30pm) on Mondays to allow our kids a chance to train too. we hope you understand.


To secure your place for this terms CrossFit Kids Classes:
Simply deposit the correct funds for the 8 weeks with your CHILDS name as the DESCRIPTION to: 

BSB: 112879
Account No#: 068366607
Account Name: Shane Richards 


Email the Remittence, Class Category and Frequency you wish to enrol your child/children into. Send to

If you have ONE enrolled child

1 x session a week: $15.00
2 x sessions a week: $27.50

If you have TWO (+) enrolled children

1 x session a week: $27.50
2 x sessions a week: $52.50

Close date for enrolments will be 31/1/15

All questions can be emailed to



The Lil’ Beasts are a group of monstrous rascals each with personalities of their own. Named after concepts of functional fitness, these little guys can be hilarious friends and classroom learning tools at the same time. Check out their backstory below:

Lil Beasts live in your “box” (a.k.a. gym), in the little spaces between the rowing machines, underneath the weight racks and medicine balls, above pull-up bars and in the ceiling near the rings.

Lil Beasts love to be awesome at everything they do!  They want to help you be awesome too!  Every WOD (Workout of the Day) you will do with them is designed to make you stronger, play longer, jump higher, run faster and have more energy! The Lil’ Beasts are also very careful about what they eat. Good food will help you be a BEAST, and bad food will make you tired, lazy and sick, like Skeeter the Cheater. There’s a lot to learn, but each of the Lil Beasts is ready to show you the way!

Remember: Live long and strong. Most of all, have fun!
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